Discover an Iran beyond the media portrayals of a repressive and dour regime – this is a country full of warm, lively and friendly people.

 Visiting several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Golestan Palace Complex, Soltaniyeh Dome, the Bisotun bas-reliefs, Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, the Choga Zanbil ziggurat, Eram Garden, Persepolis, Pasargad, Meymand Village, Historic City of Yazd, ghanat, Jameh Mosque of Isfahan and Naghsh-e Jahan Square

 Discover Isfahan, the old capital and the ‘Jewel of Islamic Iran’.

 Visit Kashan, including Abyane and the historical houses of Brojerdis and Tabatabais.

 Discover Iranian cuisine. Do not forget to eat Chelo kabab, Abgusht, Gormesabzi and…, you will never forget the taste of Iranian foods.

 Walk in the Iranian indoor markets and drown in colors and smells and beauties